Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge?

Our fee depends on the details of the event and your requirements so we encourage you to get in touch. We usually ask for you to provide us with the venue address, timings, date and features and we will provide a competitive quotation within 24 hours. We understand that often events may run over in time, so we are very accommodating with last minute changes.


Will you perform our first dance song?

Yes, we are always honoured to perform first dance songs and share your special moment. We offer the option of having the band perform your first dance song but alternatively we can arrange for the track to be played. For peace of mind, we can send you an audio preview of us performing your chosen first dance song so you can hear it before making the final decision.


What will you wear on stage?

We pride ourselves on our appearance, ensuring we always look presentable and well groomed. Our preferred attire is matching suits in either navy or grey complete with waist coats, shirts and smart shoes. If you have a specific theme or dress code please mention it in your enquiry and we will do our best to adhere.


What time will you arrive?

We aim to arrive at least two hours before the event is due to start. We understand that this may provide difficult at certain venues, particularly if the room is in use throughout the day, so we will always liaise with you and the venue to agree on the perfect set-up time that will not interfere with other arrangements. We are able to reduce the set up time to one hour if required.


Can we watch you perform before we book?

Yes! While we are usually unable to invite you to private bookings, we would invite you to our next available own public event. If we do not have an upcoming public event then we can arrange for you to come to a rehearsal session.


How long will you need to set up?

We require a minimum of one hour to set up, but we will communicate with the venue to ensure everything runs smoothly.


How long will you play for?

As standard we play 2 x 60 minute sets with a disco in between. If you require different set times then we will be happy to oblige.


Do I need to provide food for the band?

We do not expect any of our customers to provide food, unless you insist! We will bring our own food and drink along and are completely self-sufficient.


What is the booking process?

You can contact us via Facebook, email, phone or using the website contact form to provide information on your chosen venue, date, times and any further requirements.

We will come back to you with a quote within 24 hours. Once you’ve confirmed the booking, we will then send you a confirmation full details of your booking and request a deposit. Once the deposit is paid, everything is booked! The remaining balance is due by the date of the performance. We accept cash, cheques, bank transfer or PayPal (subject to fees).


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